Friday, August 18, 2017

Staying Hydrated

Now that we are in the dead of summer heat, it is even more important that we stay hydrated. While we are all continuing our exercise routines, watching our kids or friends with their outdoor sports, or just enjoying the summertime sunshine it is sometimes easy to forget to keep drinking.  Drinking water helps keep us hydrated when we loose water from sweating, or just daily breathing, helps keeps us energized, balances electrolytes, and helps with weight control! With more fluid intake needed in the summer months, it can sometimes get boring to always reach for the regular water; here are some alternatives for hydrating in a tasteful and more exciting way without all the added sugar.

o   Try using the summertime sunshine to brew sun tea! Fill a clear container with water and place any combination of teabags you like (about 8 tea bags per 1 gallon of water).  Let sit in the sun for several hours until the water turns color, pour over ice and add citrus rings for added flavor and some natural sweetness: orange, lemon or lime slices would taste great!

o   Try adding fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs to add natural flavor to your water!

o   Watermelon Cubes with Mint leaves

o   Pineapple Cubes

o   Cucumber and Ginger slices

o   Citrus rings: orange, lemon and lime

o   Apple Slices with Cinnamon Stick

o   Strawberries and Lime Slices

You can also use frozen fruit that will help to chill down your drink and act as a flavorful ice cube or make your own infused ice cubes! 

o   Add blended fruit, vegetables and herbs to ice cube trays and freeze. When you run out of the house needing water, add a few cubes, (one, or any combination!) to your water for an infused water experience. As the ice cubes melt it will slowly infuse flavor into your water. (You could also add these to your sun brewed tea!).

o   For each combinations below blend with 1 ¼ cup water and freeze until solid

o   Juice of 1 lemon (add zest for extra flavor), 1 inch piece of ginger

o   Juice of 2 limes (add zest for extra flavor), 8-10 seeded cherries

o   1 cup Watermelon cubes, ¼ cup mint

o   1 cup strawberries, ¼ cup basil

o   ½ cucumber, ¼ cup mint leaves

o   1 cup cantaloupe, 1 cup honeydew melon

o   1 apple with sprinkle of cinnamon

For any of the combinations, change the proportions based on your taste preference-make them weaker or stronger! Experiment until you find your favorite combination!

- Casey Harms, RD,LDN

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