Friday, January 30, 2015

Healthy Weight Loss Basics

While there are many ways to lose weight, the biggest challenge is finding what works best for YOU. Let’s face it weight loss can be stressful, disappointing, and just downright hard. But it doesn’t have to be, the key to a successful and healthy weight loss experience is to make sure you, above all, are ready to make the changes needed for your health and your body. Be sure to keep these basics in mind, and know that you can do it.

1.     Incorporate the major macronutrients at each meal including carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. For example, if you have a taste for pasta (carbohydrate) toss it with some olive oil (fat) and some fresh seasonings (oregano, basil, or garlic, etc.) with a piece of chicken breast or fresh fish (protein). Boom, it’s that easy.

2.     Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. Why? Because that’s where all the good stuff is found! Foods like fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, nuts, seeds, meats, and dairy products such as eggs, milk, yogurt, and cheese!  

3.     Remember to enjoy your food at the end of the day. What do I mean? Two things, number one make your meals taste delicious! Try using fresh herbs, spices, oils, and other fun seasonings (keep an eye on the sodium content if it’s premixed). Number two: it’s okay to eat that chocolate chip cookie at your friend’s party, heck you can even eat two! The whole idea behind having a long-term successful weight loss is being able to still let yourself enjoy the things you love occasionally. 

4.     Exercise daily and if you “don’t have time” start with some simple steps in the right direction such as going for a walk or run during your lunch break, or using the stairs instead of the elevator. For best weight loss results, exercise works in combination with your diet. Aim for five days a week for at least thirty minutes, however if this seems unrealistic begin at two to three days a week, and increase your duration and intensity as tolerated. 

     -  Alexis D’Ascenzo, CPT, B.S.